One of the first things God says to us is, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth…” Healthy organisms reproduce. This is true of plants, animals and human beings, and it is also true of churches.

We want to see “reproduction” at every level of Jesus’ Church.

Followers of Jesus making more followers of Jesus.

Communities making more communities.

Churches making more churches.

We want to define success not by how many people are attending a gathering, but by how many disciples are being made. Not by how many people are in seats on a Sunday, but by how many people have vacated those seats to make disciples in other neighborhoods, cities, states, or nations. We want to partner with God to see His Kingdom come in your part of the city, and then to see it spread to the ends of the earth.

We aim to do that through planting churches, both in our city, and beyond because we believe there is no better way to carry the gospel forward to a city than by planting churches in every nook and cranny of it.

If you feel God might be leading you to be a part of this work, contact us using the button below.