Westside Communities


Westside Communities have three foundational identities:


Family | We live alongside each other. We share meals, resources, joy and hardships while we care for one another as the family of God.


Missionary | We live out our faith and love for God by loving and serving others. We join in Jesus’ kingdom work in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and cities by engaging in areas of injustice to bring Jesus’ love, peace, and reconciliation. 


Disciple | Communities actively encourage each other in the study of Scripture, learning the teachings of Jesus, becoming more like him, and living as his disciples in the world.

Frequently asked questions


What is a Westside Community?

We define Westside Communities as “families of missionary disciples.” These communities are groups of people that live as brothers and sisters, eating, praying, and living life together. Living as “missionaries,” we join in Jesus’ kingdom work in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and cities. And finally, as disciples, we study and encourage each other to grow in knowing and following Jesus.


What does a Westside Community look like?

Like families, all Westside communities look a little different, and that’s great! The three core elements of Westside communities are family, mission and discipleship. Whether you start with three people or twelve, the important thing is to start with a foundation of folks who are following Jesus by living life together, like sharing meals and caring for each other (family), partnering to share Jesus and serve their community in some way (mission), and intentionally pursuing deeper relationship with Jesus, together through scripture study, prayer and conversation (discipleship).


Am I required to be in a Westside Community as part of Westside?

Regardless of your status within community, you are welcome and accepted at Westside. We talk about community a lot because the elements of family, mission, and discipleship are absolutely central to the teachings of Jesus. We want to experience and share the fullness of life that comes from following Him as missional families. Because we care deeply about the church and the city, we regularly encourage the church to live as a bunch of unique missional families that invite the kingdom of God into our homes, workplaces, shops, and anywhere we go where people need the love of Jesus. That’s everywhere!


Why are Westside Communities so important to Westside Church?

Living in community is a response to Jesus’ instruction to make disciples and do life together. That’s why being part of an intentional community is Westside’s earnest invitation for each member of the church to participate in a collective kingdom vision. We believe that Jesus came to offer life for all. While the people of Jesus experience richness and growth in Westside community, they also partner in sharing the love of Jesus with those who don’t know him yet.