Ever wonder what the significance and importance baptism plays in our walk with God? Join us as we explore what the Bible has to say about Baptism, and why it has been so important to the church for thousands of years.



Join Richard, Daniel, and Molly as they discuss what the Bible has to say about the importance of Baptism.


Podcast Notes

We put together some notes from the podcast that make it easy for you to follow along with all the different references and links that are mentioned. Click on the links below to see the related content. There are also discussion questions in the downloadable document for you to talk about with others!

Matthew 28 v19

Genesis 1 v1

Ezekiel 36 v25

Ezekiel: Bible Project Video

Jewish Proselyte Baptism and its Relation to Christian Baptism

Baptize in Greek: βαπτίζω

1 Corinthians 12 v12 – 13

Confessions of St. Augustine

Acts 16 (Lydia and Philippian Jailer)

Colossians 2 v12

Acts 2 v37

Discussion Questions

  • What has been your experience with baptism?

  • What are the ways in which the New Testament explains the importance of baptism?

  • What would discipleship look like in your life with this fresh understanding of baptism?