biblical community


This week's House of Learning podcast dives into the topic of community. Join us as we discuss what community looks like, how it functions, and the importance of being in community with others.




Podcast Notes

We put together some notes from the podcast that make it easy for you to follow along with all the different references and links that are mentioned. Click on the links below to see the related content.

Philemon 4-8

Titus 2 v3-5

N.T. Wright’s Commentary on Philemon

Quote by N.T. Wright
“I am praying that the mutual participation which is proper to the Christian faith you hold may have its full affect in your realization of every good thing that God wants to accomplish in us to lead us into the fullness of Christian fellowship, that is of Christ.”

James 5 v19-20

Acts 2 v42-47

Podcast on Translations

Podcast on Alpha

Communities Webpage