communion - pt. II


Richard, Molly, and Daniel are back in this week’s House of Learning podcast to discuss communion again. With it being such an important part of our weekly rhythm we wanted to have a longer dialogue about the communal aspects of communion.




Podcast Notes

We put together some notes from the podcast that make it easy for you to follow along with all the different references and links that are mentioned. Click on the links below to see the related content. There are also discussion questions in the downloadable document for you to talk about with others!

Kingdom of God Class

Marriage and Parenting Course

Intentional Family Conference

1 Corinthians 11 v17 – 18

Luke 22 v1 – 38


Bronze Serpent Story in Numbers 21 v1 – 9

2 Corinthians 4 v10 – 11

Road to Emmaus: Luke 24 v13 – 35

Discussion Questions

• In what ways have you celebrated communion in the past?

• What is significant about communion to you?

• How does God interact with you during communion?