Prayer is such an essential part of our relationship and apprenticeship to Jesus. So why are we so bad at it?

Join Richard, Crooksy, and Daniel as they chat about prayer and its importance, its simplicity, as well as its complexity.




Podcast Notes

We put together some notes from the podcast that make it easy for you to follow along with all the different references and links that are mentioned. Click on the links below to see the related content. There are also discussion questions in the downloadable document for you to talk about with others!

Kingdom of God Class

Marriage and Parenting Course

Intentional Family Conference

Colossians 4 v2

Divorce Rate + Prayer

John 14 v14

2 Chronicles 7 v14

Miracle Workers

Psalm 23 v5

Discussion Questions

• Is there a story that comes to mind when it comes to recalling the faithfulness of God through prayer?

• What are some frustrations you have with unanswered prayer?

• What are some areas you want to grow in prayer?