Each year Westside welcomes in an awesome group of young men and women to be interns at the church. They get to be a part of our staff family for the year, serve alongside us, and share an amazing journey of growth together. It’s a year of exploring identity in Christ, calling, and laying foundations for life as a Jesus follower. It’s a year of transformation – an incubator for growing more like Jesus, learning to hear his voice, and answering the question, ‘What should I do with my life?’

Each intern becomes part of one of our teams, working alongside staff and finding out about ministry and Jesus’ kingdom work. They explore their gifts, and are mentored by staff, to develop as kingdom leaders. Interns have classes each week taught by staff, along with some amazing ministry leaders from around the world. They learn about the Bible, theology, kingdom living, and unpack some of life’s big questions. We do some retreats, and eat together every week, which fuels the most amazing part of the year – being in deep authentic community. Towards the end of the year interns go out on a two-month mission trip to experience ministry in exciting new cultures like Scotland, Ireland, Thailand, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Iraq, and Myanmar.


WHEN: September–July

WHERE: Westside: A Jesus Church

COST: $2,750

The year runs from September to July, and the cost is $2,750 – which covers the cost of all books, food, and retreats, as well as our teachers. It’s a part-time program, about 25 hours a week, so you can fit it around work and other commitments.

If you’ve felt Jesus stirring your heart to go deeper with him, we’d like to invite you to give a year to Jesus and come serve as part of our team. If you'd like more information about the program, please email, or if you're ready to apply, click the button below.



Westside also runs a Ministry Apprentice program, which several of our interns go on to work in. Ministry apprentices work as leaders in a department being mentored by staff, and serve around the church, alongside stepping deeper into their ministry education as part of a community. If you’d like to find out more about ministry apprenticeships, speak to one of our staff, or email