God wants us to love him with our hearts, souls, strength and minds. To help us flourish in these four areas, we offer several ways to learn and grow outside the normal weekend gatherings. 



Looking for ways to grow in your discipleship of Jesus?

Then a House of Learning class is for you! With eight classes planned for this fall, there are lots of opportunities to deepen your understanding of what it looks like to be a follower of Jesus.

House of learning podcast

The House of Learning team wants to better equip you with understanding certain topics, themes, or concepts that are introduced in the Bible. Check out below the ones we have released so far, and keep an eye out for future content!

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holy spirit class resources

This two session class took us on a pretty fast journey through who the Spirit is, and what he does. We explored the person the Spirit is in the trinity, and some of the things that are unique to him. We followed the work of the Spirit in the world, introducing us to Jesus, being instrumental in rescuing us from darkness and making us anew as part of God's family. We ended by looking at the Spirit's mission, and how things like gifts and calling fit into us joining with the Spirit and living life with him.

If you missed the class, you can catch the recordings below, and there are also some notes you might find helpful to follow along.


grief and suffering class


John series resources


John introduces a lot of different concepts and themes throughout his Gospel. As he introduces these, we want to provide you with content that will allow you to dive deeper into learning and understanding them. 




incarnation series resources

Understanding the Incarnation is an essential piece of the Christian faith, but it can be confusing at times. Here are a few resources that can help unpack the complexity and foundational theology of the Incarnation.



Welcome to the Family


Welcome to the Family is all about connecting you to the life of our church. Whether you’ve been coming for a few weeks or a few years, Welcome to the Family is your next step for joining a community, plugging into serving, and calling Westside your church home. At this gathering you will hear the story of Westside, our vision, and where we are heading. You’ll meet some of the staff, learn about our ministries, and find out how to get connected. Snacks and beverages will be provided. Hope to see you there!

Got questions? Email welcome@westsideajc.org for more info.

When: 2nd Sunday of every month, 1:30PM – 2:30PM
Where: School Room



We believe the Scriptures are inspired and authoritative. The Bible is not a rulebook. It’s more than principles for a better life. It’s better than simply a manifesto for the Kingdom of God. The Bible is a story — the meta-narrative of God’s redemptive work in creation. We want to know the Bible well. We'd like to recommend that everyone gets into a reading plan, and we love the Read Scripture App, which includes some great resources from our friends at The Bible Project.