Serving at Westside

Followers of Jesus are called to become servants. We want to actively demonstrate self-sacrificial love by serving those both in and outside the church. It takes hundreds of volunteers to pull off the many gatherings taking place each week. We are a family, and like a family, we all pitch in.

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Our Staff

  • Photo of Dominic Done

    Dominic Done

    Lead Pastor

  • Photo of Tim McDonald

    Tim McDonald

    Executive Pastor of Leadership and Mission

  • Photo of Tony Viducich

    Tony Viducich

    Pastor of Leadership and Operations

  • Photo of Ryan Bean

    Ryan Bean

    Sound Engineer

  • Photo of Weston Brock

    Weston Brock


    Pastor of People Development

  • Photo of John Bruce

    John Bruce


  • Photo of Jenni Cannariato

    Jenni Cannariato

    Administrative for People Care and Westside Communities

  • Photo of Thalia Cesario

    Thalia Cesario

    Administrator for Tim McDonald, Dominic Done, Tony Viducich & Phil Comer

  • Photo of Matthew Comer

    Matthew Comer

    High School

  • Photo of Phil Comer

    Phil Comer

    Founding Pastor

  • Photo of Loni Evans

    Loni Evans

    Dean of Students

  • Photo of Sari Field

    Sari Field


  • Photo of Daniel Golder

    Daniel Golder


    Embedded Church Planter

  • Photo of Jordan Grimms

    Jordan Grimms


  • Photo of Peter Holmes

    Peter Holmes

    Pastor of Westside Communities

  • Photo of Dave Hughes

    Dave Hughes

    Pastor of Operations


  • Photo of Mike McDonald

    Mike McDonald


    Hear The Cry

  • Photo of Karly McGill

    Karly McGill

    Administrator for Westside School & House of Learning

  • Photo of Blaine Mosser

    Blaine Mosser

    Facilities & Events

  • Photo of Brook Mosser

    Brook Mosser

    Pastor of Gatherings & Communication

  • Photo of Brooke Nolte

    Brooke Nolte

    Westside Communities

  • Photo of Caitie Poland

    Caitie Poland

    Media Project Manager

  • Photo of Keithen Schwahn

    Keithen Schwahn

    Middle School

  • Photo of Penny Stady

    Penny Stady

    Global Hear The Cry

  • Photo of Richard Tamburro

    Richard Tamburro

    Dean of Education

  • Photo of Aaron Underwood

    Aaron Underwood

    Creative & Design Coordinator

  • Photo of Greg Wright

    Greg Wright

    Pastor of People Care

Shared Services Staff