Westside provides a variety of opportunities for women to connect, refresh and grow in their walk with Jesus within a culture where they feel loved, wanted and accepted. We are multi-generational, from youth to seniors. Our vision is for women to know each other and be known, to recharge mentally, and to grow spiritually from these opportunities, leading them to feel connected within the Westside community.

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423 women


We are a group of women; broken, redeemed, Jesus followers, committed to the process of allowing Holy Spirit to heal us and bring freedom from our present struggle with sexual issues/behavior and love addiction. We do this by stepping into the light, confessing our sins and the sins committed against us in a safe, confidential environment.


423 Betrayal and Beyond

423 Betrayal and Beyond is a group designed to bring healing to women who have experienced betrayal and broken trust through a loved one’s sexual addiction. The group meets weekly in a safe, confidential environment to study addiction, brokenness, healing, and redemption. Using the workbook Betrayal and Beyond, women use biblical wisdom, learn valuable tools, set healthy relationship boundaries and process their hurt, anger, trauma, grief, and shame to lay a new foundation for healing and grace. For more information, contact us below.


Freedom From Anxiety

Anxiety has become consuming for people of all ages in our culture. How do we find freedom as Jesus followers from being driven by worry and fear?  In this four part series, we'll look at how to break the patterns of anxiety and learn to use practical tools that will help us change over time, as we surrender and trust the Lord more in our lives.

Below are the teachings from this series.